Start making your reservations today for our candle making experience

Start making your reservations today for our candle making experience

Start making your reservations today for our candle making experience

We are now accepting reservations! 

Create your own custom scent to fill your home or business with a custom-scented candle at the Sanibel Candle Company. Your personal scent creation incorporated into a custom-made candle will immerse your surroundings with the fragrance you love and conjure up memories, feelings, and emotions in people at your home or office. 

“While traveling, my wife and I came across a custom-scent candle-making business and tried it. When we got home and lit our candle, our friends commented on how lovely our home smelled, and we realized the experience had touched us beyond the store. That’s when we decided we need to bring this experience to our own backyard,” said Tom Stumph, owner of Sanibel Candle Company.  

Scents Conjure up Feelings and Emotions

Walking into a home or business, you see, hear, and smell the surroundings. Smells are handled by the olfactory bulb, the structure in the front of the brain that sends information to the other areas of the body for further processing. Scents take a direct route to the regions related to emotion and memory, which is why they induce certain feelings that conjure up emotions and memories. For example, coconut oils remind us of beach activities, lemon and oranges elevate our energy levels, vanilla and cinnamon provide a loving atmosphere. 

Over 32,000 Custom Scent Choices

Scent Specialists will guide you thru the myriad of options for developing a scent that matches your personality. And with over 32,000 choices, rest assured that your scent will be unique to you! 

Fun for Events

This new DIY candle bar lets you let your creativity emerge and have fun with friends and it’s BYOB friendly. 

Scent Marketing for Businesses

Scent-marketing is a type of sensory marketing to create memorable business experiences. The right scent builds powerful, long-lasting impressions with customers and helps create a brand identity. The Scent Specialists at the Sanibel Candle Company assist business owners in developing their brand scent and will create products for their business. The design team can enhance the product with a perfect label. 

Bell Tower, a new home to Sanibel Candle Company and 5 other Sanibel businesses

Sanibel Candle Company is one of many new Sanibel-based businesses at Bell Tower. It is in good company with Congress Jewelers, Macintosh Books and Paper, Synergy, Butterfly Beach, Adventures in Paradise, and Bubbly Lattitude. “We had a retail store on Sanibel that got destroyed during Hurricane Ian. As we contemplated re-building, we discovered that 5 other Sanibel businesses had moved to Bell Tower. We love the central and easy to get to location, so we decided to open shop.”

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